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Waqar Ahmed


Hello and welcome to my page! Please take this opportunity to explore and learn as much about how you can benefit from my services and that of Delta Mortgages as a whole! There is a great deal of details involved in a mortgage transaction. Many people are unaware that there are professionals in the industry who are on the consumer’s side. We are such professionals. We will sit down with you; analyze your current financial picture and provide you with sound professional advice to reach your future goals.
I hope to speak to you soon!

Professional Experience

I have worked as a real estate agent for quite a few years before jumping ship to mortgage brokering. Through my experience as a real estate sales representative, I became well versed in the inner workings of the financial industry, whether it be through negotiating property sales, or adapting the amendments in the agreement of purchase and sale, I bring a distinct and informed perspective to the table.

I have developed exceptional understandings of financial reporting and accounting. I am dedicated to exemplifying my social and academic intelligence coupled with my superb logistical and technological skills to build long-term relationships with my growing client base and provide excellent customer service. I am very goal-oriented and put my best foot forward in all the work that I do to deliver fine results with the support of a team of administrators who truly believe in fast and efficient service. Customer satisfaction is my top priority!

I am a proud father of four and enjoy spending time with my family, going on a long drive with them, and playing sports such as volleyball and badminton. I am also very interested in playing puzzle games, I like to be challenged and expand on my self-development with these activities. Additionally, I like to watch a good sci-fi or historical movie every now and then and love to try new restaurants and foods from different cultures. I always have this eagerness to learn something new; be it a technical or social skill, or just simply expanding my knowledge base.


Waqar Ahmed

Licence#: M20002485

Phone: 416-804-0263